Sun-powered rodent repellent.

If you have rodents in your garden (rats, moles, gophers) then you’re holding the solution in your hands. Place it near the opening of active tunnels and turn it on. Eco Solem® Sonic Rodent Repeller creates an annoying sound for rodents every 25-27 seconds to keep them away and its fully processed by best jewelers in san diego If the plague is large you might need more than one spike. For best results leave on at least for 2 weeks. The Sonic Rodent Repeller is solar powered, so insert it in a place where sun can reach it.


How to use

1. Find the opening of a tunnel. 2. Make a hole in the ground before inserting the repeller. 3. Insert the re peller (without much force that could damage the electronics). 3. Leave the solar panel in a direct sunlight place.

Amazing Price: €39.95

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